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Forever changed with a new nature!

Humans Being giving and doing more! It is truly amazing and awesome how a caterpillar changes into a beautiful butterfly and then gets to experience a whole new nature flying around where ever it chooses from beautiful flower to beautiful flower living gloriously in the moment, no longer a worm confined. I would like to say, I feel I am in a wonderful transformation of my own thanks to THE MASTER KEY EXPERIENCE and it’s creators  I have come to discover and understand and use many  new and wonderful concepts and principles that has begun a self directed transformation in me that would not be possible without the precisely given knowledge and experience I have received through this 6 month course. I knew I wanted some things to be different  in my life but was struggling in making  changes permanent. The Master key experience has taught me and helped me create the right environment in my mind and thought processes to facilitate the changes i want and now I have the confidence to succeed in anything i put my mind too. It all has to do with taking the time for sitting and reading and thinking.  This session of the class is officially over but really the adventure is just getting started and it is exciting. I will continue in my blogging and will be adding content  that is in harmony with making the world a better place. by for now Ross Check out some of the other blogs in my sidebar menu they are great!

The “Real” Law of least effort!

I believe I may have found a new  and wonderful meaning to the word lazy. For ever I have thought of laziness ,as characterizes as the lack of activity or work or exertion and especially the appearance of putting forth the use of as little effort and energy as possible. For those who know me I believe you would agree I have not been one with lack of energy or effort. However I have discovered for myself why  I believe Mark J ,Co developer of This wonderful Masterkey Experience, calls himself the”Worlds Laziest Networker”. It is called The Law of least Effort. The Law of least Effort has to do with understanding and using Thinking in a certain way that actually draws desirable conditions to you. So many of us, myself included have several if not many undesirable conditions in our lives that it actually takes and expends so much energy from us  in the form of worry and struggle pain heart ache, not to mention ego and frustration, no fun,and  we are totally oblivious to the fact we just don’t really have a conscious and deep understanding of and how to harness the greatest and most practical power all of us have available to us. The power of Mind and Spirit. I’ll tell you until the last 6 months I hadn’t done much really deep thinking ever. I was  wrapped  up in a  totally habitual way of living and thinking, it’s truly a wonder I am writing this to you today filled with joy, peace happiness and hope for me and you, for a better outcome. Now getting to the law of least effort and hopefully saying something you can get of value for yourself. We have all heard, don’t worry be happy, let it be,all you need is love, these and many more songs and sayings are all true and have taken on much deeper meaning for me since I have been reading specifically on the power of our thoughts and how to use it for our benefit. It has opened up a whole new world for me and helped me realize, we are all not just bodies with a spirit but Spirits with a body and with practice of right thinking we can become immune to criticism and not fearful of challenges, we can harness the power of love and use and trust our own energy creatively for the experience of affluence and our own evolution into the the person and positions we dream of. 1.Acceptance.The don’t worry part is to practice acceptance and accept people, situations, circumstances and events as they occur and realize that the moment is as it should be, because the whole universe is as it should be,your in it, and not to struggle against the whole universe by struggling against the moment. Just accept things as they are, not as we wish they were.It is what it is. 2. Responsibility. Having accepted things as they are, we take responsibility for our situation and for all those events we see as problems. Know that taking responsibility means not blaming anyone or anything for the situation ( and that includes myself). I also know every problem is an opportunity in disguise, always, and this alertness to opportunities allows me to take this moment and transform it into a better benefit. Ask myself at this point and often talk to myself! OMG! , Is there anything here I am pretending not to know, and what would the person I intend to become do next? Believe me you can and should be your own best friend. 3.Defenselessness Always keep awareness established in defenselessness. Always relinquishing the need to defend my point of view. Always feeling no need to convince or persuade others to accept my point of view. Always remaining open to all points of view and not rigidly attached to any one of them. In other words no longer do I judge. We who have been in this Master Key experience for the last almost 6 months have been practicing mindfulness like this. It is making a difference in our attitudes, our peace, our joy, the love factor. I have discovered  that 6 months ago I really didn’t know what I really wanted in life let alone how to get it. I do now! I am 58 and feel i’m going on 10 and have the whole world by the tail again, look out world! Please read some of the other blogs on my sidebar menu. I am not the only one excited about what they are experiencing. We are at the end of this course but I am far from stopping my blog and will be adding other content I hope you will find interesting and of value. Peace and Love , at your service Ross Thomas Ps.It takes much less effort to be happy joyful and full of love. It’s fun too, The new Lazy!

wk 22 Awaken the Man/Child within!

IMG_4633Here is whats on my mind here in week 22 of the master key experience. For people who know me some, you may not have known, I had become conformed , bored, not that thrilled with life, wanted to make changes but seemed stuck? I was searching! I found, or it found me, this master key master mind alliance. They aroused my curiosity, took hold of my hand with there thoughtful approach,  and have assisted me out of a sort of rut in my way of thinking I didn’t realize I was in. This is whats on my mind for this week.Revert, we do have some natural instincts that worked for us as a little child, rethink, we might be missing a few bits of vital information,  retool, learn some new ways of thinking that we can really use, and produce a few million brain cells, yeah new ones that work for our good! 1. Revert,Fear not! Be as the little child again learning to walk! It’s not  easy and your gonna fall but you just keep trying until you get it right! Does a young child worry about what other people think as they are in there new world of discovery? NO! They are oblivious! Hey as long as we are alive we might as well keep the same attitude, except with the addition of right principles we learn as we mature. Forget the learned behavior of what others may think etc. 2 rethink, seriously not many of us get taught about the power and workings of our mind and how to use that information purposefully to help us create the lives we really want, and I don’t know why! please read a fellow mkmma’s blog in my sidebar

about conscious power! So powerful! 3. retool, believe it or not when we change the way we think about things, the things we think about change. Hey I was from Missouri and i have been shown! many many aha moments with a steady stream of well put together progression of information that has literally helped me grow some new brain cells and given me the ability to comprehend much more today than just 5 or so months ago. last but certainly not least 4. the courage to step out and go, be and do! This week we have been given an excerpt from  Ralph Waldo Emerson. I’ve known he’s a famous writer and heard some of his quotes but never really read any of his writings. Wow! Not an easy read for me, yet! The way in which he articulated words is almost like trying to read a foreign language. However, I am actually understanding more of what he is saying with practice.Getting back to the courage to step out and go be and do, It is with great emotion and tears running down my face I type this quote,” Let a stoic open the resources of man, and tell men they are not leaning willows, but can and must detach themselves; that with exercise of self-trust, new powers will appear; that a man is the word made flesh, born to shed healing to the nations, that he should be ashamed of our compassion, and that the moment he acts from himself, tossing the laws , the books,idolatries,and customs out of the window, we pity him no more, but thank him and revere him,- and that teacher shall restore the life of man to splendor, and make his name dear to all history. I thank you deeply, Mark and Davene the staff and everyone with me in this class, You are the Stoic for me. Sincerely, Louis Ross Thomas. ps. If you don’t get what i am trying to say just ask me and I will gladly and with great  joy and emotion explain it to you until you do!

Stop Autointoxication!Wk 22

Is your world less than perfect in any way? We know there are all sorts of toxins coming at us from our outside environment that can and do effect our health and well being, but how many of us know much about Autointoxication! Thats a new word for me! How about you? Siri said ” poisoned by a toxin formed within the body itself” Let  us ask ourselves, do we ideally want to enjoy incredibly good health? Dugh, I Do, everybody does! Gee wiz how many ways could we possibly be being poisoned? In this course of study  I am engaged in “The Master Key Mastermind Alliance” I am discovering all sorts of vitally important things I hadn’t considered  about what effects our health. Poisoning, not a lovely thought, I can’t think of any poisoning that has any kind of good effect no  matter where it came from, but poison formed within my own body, how does that happen? I am so excited and am now believing, with some specialized knowledge, raised awareness of and focused consideration given to this subject we can eliminate and avoid all sorts of this poisoning through simple applications of this special knowledge. Most people will say they would avoid poisoning or being poisoned if they knew what was poison and where it was, Yes? I am convinced most if not all of anyones less than perfect condition is because we don’t realize all that is poison to us, and if we don’t know about it we live with it till we die! I am in week 22 of the Master Key Master Mind Alliance.  Every week i keep getting wonderful insights  and new knowledge as to our own ability to adjust ourselves and remedy nearly any less than desirable condition in our lives! It is wonderful!  I suggest you read some of the other blogs my sidebar menu, I didn’t give much away as to the poison from within, I bet if you read some of the others blogs you’ll discover what you want to know? Id’e be happy to explain it to you personally if you want me to just ask, Peace out! Ross

To Be or not to Be?

Feb 26, 2016

Open mind

To Be or Not to Be !

Freedom Volunteer

Anytown, State ZIP

Dear Open mind, I believe my thinking is becoming deeper and more educated. Read this and give me your comments, you tell me if I am on the right track or not. Off and on all my life  i have wrestled with the “why do I do the things I don’t want to do and don’t do what i want to do? Why  exactly is my life the way it is? I want it to be better but I am missing something here!  I am in week 21 of The Master Key Mastermind Alliance. Through this experience I have definitely been making great progress in finding the answers to those questions yet my progress is quite a bit slower than I had hoped. I know why! what have I been pretending not to know? I have been refusing to let go completely of the banana! Let me explain! The Master Key Master Mind Alliance is set up brilliantly with progressive lessons and exercises to aid us in fully comprehending  and putting into practice, in our favor, simple and harmonious principles vital to health, wellness, purpose and prosperity. As with all things the more we know and practice a thing the easier it gets, becoming even automatic and simple. In contrast, everyone knows, “ oh I can’t change, too set in my ways, no use in trying”. There’s a reason for that kind of thinking. Our minds are mechanisms that work and operate in a certain way that is definite and exact! They are Laws of the mind. Science is proving more and more how everything is connected with everything and the  understanding  of how  this all works is taking the foundation of Christianity out of the realm of superstition and trusting faith  and places it upon the firm rock of scientific understanding. It is all quit stimulating, to say the least! I never learned or heard anything like this when i was in School. I am pretty sure most people have heard by now that everything is energy, and everything is moving, even the solid looking and feeling stuff. But have you thought much if any that thought is energy? I will wind up and leave you to think about this. Your thoughts are like magnets and like attracts like. Simply put, everything you consciously hold in your mind, desirable or undesirable, for any length of time becomes impressed upon the subconscious mind and this thought energy  becomes a model or design our subconscious mind will use 24/7 even while we are thinking of other stuff or sleeping to attract what ever is imagined and make it a reality. Simply put again That is why what you think about grows and what you forget about atrophies! This is why there is stuff in our lives we don’t want and not stuff we do!  So  much of what I have been believing in faith and not understanding,  yet somehow knowing was truth, is being reconfirmed and now understood first hand through the information and exercises I am studying and participating  in. I am so happy to recommend this Master Key Experience to everyone. To be or not to be that is the question. I now have the tools knowledge and  am developing the skills and mastermind alliances to go either way at will and it feels terrific! I would be absolutely thrilled to be of any assistance to anyone with any questions. Everybody should know this stuff! Please read some of the other blogs in my sidebar menu .  MKMMA There’s nothing like it!#  Sincerely, Ross Thomas

Wk 20 of the Master Key System

Week 20! holy cow! Sticking with something for so long for me is absolutely incredible! I am not saying I have been the perfect student or done every lesson exactly the way it shoulda been done or even done my best at everything.What I am saying  is the people and the material or substance in the Master Key system is of the utmost highest quality, and no matter how my old self pulls and tugs at me to quit or keep me from changing, the new me I am becoming and  the truth of the matter has gotten ahold of me in such a way that I now demand and must master this experience, new knowledge and plan of action not just for myself. For all my life I have had a desire to be a part of something truly great that is a key part in making peoples lives better,and this is one! This whole experience is designed to help us develop into becoming self directed confident and successful thinkers who create change that sticks and takes hold and grows for good! Always good! Helping us learn to recognize relate assimilate and apply our thinking processes for our good, in every aspect of our lives. It is for sure we are being influenced  from every direction to think feel and act 24/7 and all of us have areas of our life we would like to improve upon. I am discovering, knowing how the mind works and things we can do with and for each other to assist and help us in  virtually any desirable undertaking is of priceless value. Learning about the specifics of unchanging principles  like the law of growth  have everything to do with why our lives are the way they are and how one process links to another makes it a matter of understanding, planning and confident execution to get the results in life we want! The Producers of the master key system have put together a progressive system of learning that is so purposeful and totally connected. I believe just going through the course will create more progressive and permanent changes in me for years to come which in turn will have a positive effect on people and everything I come in contact with. I am learning about a persistence progression, with 4 tiny reinforcing habits, a happiness progression that has taught me  that happiness is not linked to success and that thinking about kindness and gratitude and reliving nice moments makes us 37% more effective and happier. I’m learning about the law of growth progression that is bringing out latent  virtues in me that are helping me become a better observer of myself and even like myself more. Also a success progression built around John Wooden’s Pyramid of success with 15 virtuous  qualities that all of us are actually living first hand as we progress through this experience. I have experienced such great emotion through this all ,some difficult  but mostly joy filled  discoveries that give me hope and confidence today and a clear,happy hope for the future. Let me know if you have any questions or comments. I encourage you to read others posts in the sidebar menu on this page,they have inspired me too. Sincerely Ross Thomas